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More residents in the greater Durham, NC community know how challenging it is to keep up with their trees. Fallen leaves, overgrown branches, and diseases and pests all lead to daily hazards threatening your yards. That’s why you want to call the best Durham tree service. 

At Durham, NC, we continue providing the best in Durham tree service for more homes and local small businesses. By providing affordable rates, extensive service options, and certified arborist contractors, we keep the city and you’re home looking its best.

Whatever the reason you need a tree service in Durham NC, we offer the best local tree care services for less every day. Whether you need a better quality of maintenance and care or tree removal solutions, we remain the best choice for you every day.

When you need the best in Durham arborist services, you won’t find a better team than ours. Contact us today for the best local tree care company.

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“Offering Tree Removal, Tree Pruning and More in Durham, NC”

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Tree trimming and removal services are hard and dirty work. We do our best to leave your spaces clean, safe, and ready to enjoy for months with nearly no effort on your part.

Choosing us as your tree contractors mean never needing to worry about cost or the dangers of tree work. We work with your schedule and leave your yards looking their best after every visit.

When you need the best Durham tree service and affordable options, look no further than us. Call us today and save on better quality tree care.

Tree Service Durham, NC & Beyond

Our team remains the expert choice in affordable care and removal solutions, all offered at the most affordable price possible. We stay committed to each job we receive, leaving you with a pristine yard and manicured trees each time.

No matter where in the area that you reside or where you operate a business, our staff will be there for you. Call now and enjoy a broad range of tree care services today.

Tree Service Durham NC
Tree Removal Durham NC

Why Choose The Best Tree Service in Durham NC?

When you choose certified arborists for your tree trimming services, it means going beyond cheap contractor companies. There’s a reason we’re the best tree service in Durham NC. We’ve seen it all from severe storm damage, hurricane debris, to abandoned yards, and more. 

Choosing us means never having to fret about mishaps taking place, or what your trees might look later once we leave. 

Top Tree Service in Durham

Protect your Durham trees from storms, infestation, starvation or natural calamity with the most compassionate local tree service in Durham. We work in zeal and teamwork as a family tied with our love for trees as we take pride in our professional tree service. 

We are available for whatever sort of tree service you expect. The best arborist in Durham works with us. So if your tree doesn’t look very firm and healthy for a mysterious reason, we can help you with tree health treatments. Our services will come over and assess it before reporting to you what needs to be done. 

Other than medical health, we assist your plantations regardless of residential, commercial or decorative usage. You can also find seeds, fertilizers and other inaccessible enhancing medications for your tree with us.

Top Tree Service That You Can Trust

Here in Durham, you can get professional yet affordable tree service with your vegetation issues. We can give you the products we use to help our trees grow healthy and naturally and live longer. 

You can put your trust in us because we work by passion more than by profession, so your tree’s safety, health and growth are our top priority. Whoever works with us is obligated to bring 100% of their personal best, as well as be honest and ethical. We are just a call away if you need us.

Got a tree that is of no use? Remove it. Got an unshapely tree? We will come over and do the pruning for you. If needed, we will do so in a carefully calculated way, so the design lasts longer. If you have a lawn that looks more like a jungle lately, our services will turn it into a clean field once more! We have lots more services. Call us if you are curious.

Why Hire Tree Care Services?

Did you know that healthy trees act as natural air purifiers? Their leaves filter out contaminants such as smoke, smog, and dust, keeping you breathing more comfortably.

The right shade trees can help you reduce your HVAC reliance. When your plants minimize sun and heat exposure, it means running your air conditioner less often.

Worried about how much your grass is costing you in irrigation? Trees shading lawns can help reduce how quickly sprinklers evaporate from the sun.

Who doesn’t enjoy the pleasant appearance that trees make, especially if you have an eyesore surrounding your property? Not only will they allow you to improve your home’s overall appearance, but well-manicured trees can also enhance the value of your home.

Tree Care Services Durham NC

Durham Arborists


For many homeowners, the idea of hiring someone only to take care of trees seems like a waste of resources. However, who has the time each week to trim, rake, and remove plant debris?

And if you don’t have the right set of tools, equipment, and the expertise to use them, it can lead to more mess and even injury. Not only are you remaining at risk, but you could damage your neighbors’ properties in the process.

Choosing us means saving more on every visit, as well as better results than with anyone else around. When you need your yards to look better than what a typical landscaping contractor can do, you need a better team of experienced care providers.

Save more time, money, and frustrations by having us care for your plants now. Call today and save on all your tree care needs now.

Tree Care Near Me

At Durham Tree, we remain experienced certified arborists who know how to best complete any job.

We have continued serving the community keeping our region looking better every day. Our staff remains the best choice around for any home or business.

Whatever tree care you need, we are the best choice. Call now to give your trees the best protection possible against more daily hazards.

Tree Care Durham


“I was nearly done hiring tree care companies after getting burned so many times. Durham Tree Service restored my faith, and they left my trees looking better than ever.”


 – Randy J., Braggtown, NC

The Best Tree Services in Durham, NC.

As the tallest items in your yard, your trees require lightning protection. Otherwise, it’s like living with wooden lightning rods surrounding your home.

By installing cables and redirecting incoming electricity, we can help reduce your risk of fires and damage. Keep your family safe with better protection now.

Stump Removal

Stump removal services are necessary following a felled tree. No matter what caused your trees to come down, we provide faster, more affordable removals.

Old, rotting stumps turn into a buffet for pests. They will invade, eat it away from the inside, and breed more bugs inside.

Eventually, they will have eaten it all away, and your home is next in their sights. The next thing you realize, you must call an exterminator.

Our team relies on industrial stump grinders to make short work of even the thickest items. Once we finish, it remains difficult to notice that the plants were there in the first place.

When you need faster results for less, you need us. Call now for professional stump grinding today.

Cabling & Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing is the best course of action for any trees that have started leaning. Calling us gives your plants the best chances of survival.

Once a tree starts keeping to one side, its weight will eventually take it to the ground. By restraining it correctly, we can do our best to straighten it out better.

By installing support cables into the bark, we can keep it where it stands now. These tightly wound cables retrain branches, helping them to continue growing.

Your injured trees don’t always need to get removed. Let us save your plants now.

Emergency Tree Care Durham

Emergency Tree Care Durham NC



When a tree is starting to die, you can’t wait to call for help. Directly after a storm strikes, you likely have uprooted plants.

There is never any way of estimating where they will land, and your home stays at risk of harm. That means you could quickly discover a tree crashing through your walls, roofs, and windows, causing a fortune in repair costs.

Keep your family safer from harm by calling us immediately. We’ll have your injured tree removed fast.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Virtually all trees require pruning and trimming as part of their overall maintenance package. By removing overgrowth, dead limbs, and tightly growing branches, we can leave your trees healthier, safer, and growing faster.

We can save you more of your free cash and time for any home or office. By removing more necessary limbs from hazards and other plants, we can increase your curb appeal with professionally manicured results.

Call today before Mother Nature sends them hurtling down.


Durham Land Clearing

Vacant lots, yard renovations, and building expansion projects all require land clearing to get done first. We use a variety of equipment and machinery options to clear away even the most overgrown lots quickly.

When you need affordable land clearing and faster results, you need our arborists today. Call now for your best land clearing solutions.

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Durham Tree remains a trusted choice throughout the community. When you need to save on costs you won’t find a better choice.

Call us for the safer, more reliable choice for more tree care services. No one keeps your yards looking their best like our team does daily.

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