Which homeowner doesn’t wish for some lush greenery around their property? Hiring an arborist is the only way to get that!

The beautiful trees and gardens that you see around your locality don’t just grow randomly, there’s much labor and investment behind them. By hiring an arborist, you ensure that your trees sustain good health, enhance the look of your property, and do not cause any trouble or damage. Even if your trees fall or break, arborists will be there to save you.

If you still aren’t sure about the benefits that arborists provide, keep scrolling ahead!

7 Benefits of Hiring an Arborist

An arborist best caters to the needs of your trees since they are specially trained to do so! You may still wonder whether you should take up caring for your trees as a DIY, but below are 7 reasons to convince you otherwise.

Proper planting

The chance of your trees’ growth and survival immediately lessens if it isn’t planted properly. Sure, you wouldn’t want to hire an arborist for planting one or two seeds, but for a large number of trees, hiring an arborist for planting them would help you in the long run.

Arborists know the right place, medium, temperature, and amount of sunlight for the ideal growth of different species of trees. If your plant needs some external support for growing up, arborists can also provide it. Thus, they will implement just the right techniques for planting your trees.

Pruning and structuring

Pruning trees can prove to be dangerous if the cuts aren’t sharp enough. Blunt cuts create room for infestations and cause shock to your trees.

Arborists, with their skills and the right sets of equipment, prune your trees to make them healthier and more appealing. If you want to give a customized shape to your trees, arborists will also take care of it. They cut off any dead leaves and branches to give trees a fresh and youthful look.

Disease identification and healing

It often gets difficult to identify your trees’ diseases with bare eyes. Regular arborist inspections can help in ensuring your trees’ health by identifying diseases and giving necessary medications. Arborists also give you expert advice on how you can keep your trees healthier and free of infestations.

Safe removal of trees

If a tree is leaning toward your property or is at risk of breaking, you should immediately call an arborist to check whether the tree needs removal. Delaying the service will only increase the risk of damage and injuries.

When needed, an arborist will safely remove the tree and the trunk, leaving nothing that someone might stumble upon.

Tree Emergencies

The need for arborists can be best felt during an emergency when a large tree falls on a house, car, or other property. This scenario usually occurs during storms and earthquakes.

Trees also might grow towards electric lines or other power supplies. Handling such situations without a tree professional only causes more harm, and an on-site arborist is a must in tree emergencies.

Beautifying your garden

By trimming and pruning your trees, arborists make your landscape look fresher than ever. They also clean the fallen leaves and branches off of your garden.

Be it your home, park, or commercial garden, arborists will give the trees just the proper decoration to enhance the overall look of the space.

Advice and consultation

Arborists know the secret to ensure the longevity and healthiness of your trees, and they will let you know about it too! Regular inspections by arborists will keep your trees fresh and disease-free in the long run.

So, do not take the safety of your trees lightly and invest in hiring an arborist. It doesn’t matter whether your trees are just for your hobby or financial returns, taking assistance from an arborist will be much beneficial in every case!

How Much Does a Certified Arborist Charge?

A professional arborist might charge somewhere between $120 to $300 depending upon factors like the type of the service, the number and sizes of trees, the accessibility of the tree, and so on. Many companies provide their clients with a free inspection before the service, but a typical inspection and consultation can cost between $350 to $1500.

However, most arborists do not charge based on hour, but on the overall project. You can easily find the estimated price by calling a company’s customer service and describing the service you need.

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