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Our Arborists are trained in close quarters tree removal so that no matter where your tree is located we will be there to take care of you.

Close Quarters Tree Removal Durham


If you were asked to name one of the most common threats to your property, you likely would have missed the same answer many Durham, NC homeowners ignore. Trees that grow too close to structures, believe it or not, create a constant hazard to your house and family members.

When your plants are a stone’s throw away, or looming directly next to your home, you likely need to get removed or relocated. Otherwise, you are under threat of structural damage, pest infestations, and increased fire risk.

Although your trees remain lovely, they also stay potentially deadly. When lightning strikes, severe wind howls, or winter stays bitter cold, it won’t take much to send a tree crashing through your house.

If you have plants growing too close to obstacles, you need an experienced team of tree care professionals. At Durham Tree, we offer the best in close quarter removal services around.

When you need to save on a safer yard, you need our arborists today. Call us now and take care of your risky trees today.

​Durham Close Quarter Tree Removal


It takes more skill to remove a tree growing next to something than it does when it’s alone out in a field. Not only does your tree care provider need to remain accurate in their cuts, but they must take care not to send it crashing down into your kitchen.

Close quarter tree removal is among the most challenging techniques a company can attempt. Because of how dangerous it remains, many service providers refuse to offer it.

Unfortunately, that just makes it more of a challenge for a homeowner like you who requires it, but they can’t find a company to help. Instead, our certified arborists know precisely what to do, no matter how perilous the job.

close quarters tree removal in Durham

Tree Trimming and Removal in Durham


If the weather doesn’t get your tree, then rodents, pests, and animals will soon. Some of these invaders will go from eating the plant to turning to your home, or other critters may use the tree to access your attic.

Once rodents nest in your attic, it takes a lot of effort to get rid of them. Even if you hire a certified exterminator, your tree staying in place will see them return shortly.

And if your house relies on storm gutters and downspouts, you will likely have an even more difficult time keeping them clear. Birds stay especially notorious for building nests in the tracks, blocking any runoff from occurring.

The top consideration for keeping your roof lines free from new neighbors is by removing any plants or trees growing close to your building. Whether that means cutting it down or trimming branches away from the roof, we will ensure your home remains safer from pests.

Don’t wait for animals and bugs to begin moving in before you take action. Call us today for close quarter tree removal and trimming solutions.

Durham Close Quarter Removals


Typical tree removals are challenging enough for more homeowners. Close quarter cutting, however, will likely go badly for anyone who lacks the right experience.

More than one resident has caused a ton of damage and needed expensive repairs by trying to save a few bucks. Instead, they make more work and costs for themselves in the process.

Keep your property safer from harm with professional close quarter tree removals. No one helps protect your family like Durham Tree.

tree removal from close quarters

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