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Emergency Tree Service

Durham Tree contractors are available for your emergency tree service needs 24-hours a day. Contact us for help managing your trees in Durham, NC.

emergency tree service

Emergency Tree Service Near Me in Durham, North Carolina


Homeowners living in Durham, NC, hope never to have to hire emergency tree service contractors. Unfortunately, it can’t always be avoided, especially following a bad storm.

The community sees plenty of powerful weather patterns throughout every season. Summer thunderstorms, winter ice, autumn cold snaps, and tornadoes all leave trees devastated.

Thankfully, you can always call Durham Tree to manage your emergency tree situations. Whenever your plants start to uproot, we’ll secure your injured trees quickly.

Even if we can’t remove it at the moment, we’ll still neutralize the threat. Keep your loved ones safe when trees have become a hazard, and hire us today.

The Best Emergency Tree Service in Durham, NC


To some, all trees look about the same as all of the others. However, when a tree gets sick or is injured, it’s tough to ignore its symptoms.  It’s shocking how quickly a tree’s health can change one day to the next. Plus, once the weather turns sour, your plants are at risk.

Mature trees become even more at risk with denser, longer branches, and weakened trunks. Contact us as soon as you spot problems with your trees, such as:

  • Raised Soil
  • Leaning Trees
  • Sudden Leaf Loss
  • Wilted Limbs
  • Discolored Bark
  • Storm Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Freezing Temperatures
  • Direct Impacts
  • Split Trunks
  • Uprooted/Downed Trees
  • Bark Loss

We dispatch emergency tree care contractors to your property 24-hours of every day. Keep your home or commercial space safer whenever disaster strikes.

When Do I need Emergency Tree Service?


If you give someone a hatchet and enough time, they’ll figure out tree felling. When it’s dark outside and a storm is still raging, you need better solutions.

Rather than putting yourself at risk, you can call on us every time. Even if it’s outside of standard business hours, we’ll be there quickly.

The older trees get, the more unpredictable they can become, especially during severe weather. No matter what causes your plants harm, we keep you safer every day.

Whenever you feel unsafe managing your injured trees, call us for professional contractors. We guarantee the most reliable tree care solutions at affordable pricing.

emergency tree service near me

Why are Injured Trees Dangerous Ones?


Picture a wrecking ball crashing through your roof while there is thunder, rain, and lightning. It’s pretty much the same scenario when a tree takes on too much damage and falls. Many homeowners have trees that are overgrown, shaggy, and with long limbs. Once the wind blows hard enough, you now have wooden missiles flying your way.

Some trees may die off immediately, while others need a few hours. You can’t always be certain when one will topple over or where it will fall.  The moment you notice something is wrong, contact us to keep your property safe. The best way to prevent tree care emergencies is to hire us for maintenance services.

best emergency tree service near me

How Can I Prepare My Trees for Storms?


Some would argue that the goal of keeping trees is getting them to maturity. Others would say it’s to add beauty and greenery to properties.

In either case, proper tree care involves eliminating any overgrowth and heavy branches. Not only do these items stress the plant, but they worsen a storm’s impact.

When limbs become too heavy, they are prone to falling off. That means dozens of pounds crashing down onto whatever lies below.

Long branches can also force a tree into uprooting by pulling it down. Keep your property prepared for severe weather all year long, and hire us now.

The Best Emergency Tree Service Near Me in Durham, NC


While mature trees are lovely, they also become dangerous during severe storms. They can begin lifting from the soil with little warning and enough force.  It also doesn’t help if your plants are already in rough shape before disaster strikes. Contact us at Durham Tree 24-hours a day for any tree care emergencies you have.

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