Choosing a certified arborist is a decision that you must not make lightly. Tree work done inaccurately not only presents a danger to the tree itself but also jeopardizes the individual doing the work.


Choosing a Qualified and Certified Arborist

Some states require registration by tree care companies. However, registration is not an assurance of quality. Some areas also oblige arborists to be licensed to work in a city. 


Ask for Credentials

Being a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) shows a dedication to quality by the arborist as well as a commitment to staying current on research related to trees and tree care. ISA Certification denotes the person has passed ISA’s significant examination on all facets of tree maintenance and care.

There is an ISA Certified Arborist Directory of ISA certified arborists. This searchable database lets you locate arborists and tree care businesses that can deliver topnotch tree care services. 


Ask for ReferencesDurham Tree Service Choose A Certified Arborist

Pick a person or business with a solid track record of ethical, good work practices. Don’t forget, hiring an arborist is like hiring a physician to provide preventive care for your trees. Choose with as much thought as you would selecting a doctor for your health care. 


Get a Few Bids or Estimates

Examine the credentials of the company and tree specialist, as well as the written specifications of the bids. Decide which proposal has the top combination of skill, professionalism, and cost. Be sure the business or arborist you get is reputable, knowledgeable, and certified.

Excessive Pruning

Skilled arborists seldom advise topping a tree or other extreme pruning methods that might make it hazardous or harm it. So reliable arborists usually suggest different options to manage tree conditions. Avoid anybody who promotes tree topping. 

Beware of Flyers and Door Knockers

Honest firms never attempt to get work this way. Would you hire a doctor from a cold call or a dentist who left a flyer in your mailbox? Employing a dependable tree service guarantees your trees get the care they need to be beautiful and safe for a lifetime. 

Be Willing to Pay Market Rates

Correct tree work is not inexpensive. Reliable arborists are bonded, licensed, and insured, maintaining specialized, expensive tools. Be cautious of really low estimates, which might signify an arborist with no professional credentials. Call us at Durham Tree when you need a certified arborist for your trees.

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