If there’s only one thing you should know about gardening, it is how to compost in an apartment. You must learn the power of composting. Composting is the most efficient tool when it comes to zero waste. 

Getting Started on Learning How to Compost in an Apartment

The typical household generates over 600 lbs. of organic trash every year. Though, most are in a landfill. You think it would break down since it’s left into a big hole in the ground, but it doesn’t since landfills aren’t aerated.

There’s a false impression that compost stinks. Compost doesn’t smell that much at all. If anything, it has an earthy scent. The reason your garbage smells is that you’ve combined organic and non-organics things that are stopping the decomposition progression. 

Worm Bins

Worm bins are one of the most popular forms of indoor composting. Because shredded paper can’t be recycled, it’s an excellent addition to have balanced compost. Nitrogen is most of your food scraps. Therefore, you want to have your compost about 50% nitrogen and 50% carbon.

There are numerous online tutorials about making your worm bin. 

Worms enjoying being at room temperature and are the ideal indoor pet. Worms enjoy eating food scraps that aren’t meat, orange peels, or dairy. The compost worm red wigglers are available at any bait shop. 

Durham Tree Service How To Compost

Trench Method

Trench composting is making a hole in the ground and burying your compost. It’s budget-friendly, effective, and super easy. The issue is finding a yard to do it. 

Electronic Composting 

Electric composters are available that convert food scraps into compost overnight. 

Farmers Market

Most farmers at farmers’ markets have huge compost piles. They take pieces off the vegetables that folks don’t want (radish and carrot tops) back to the farm and compost. Ask a farmer if you can add your scraps from home to his pile. 

Community Garden

Many Community gardens have compost plots. Join the community garden and put your food scraps to the pile. 

For more compost ideas, give us a call at Durham Tree Service.  

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