What do you do when a big, thick branch requires cutting, and you can’t get to the limb from the ground? You can do a few things from using a rope and harness to using a pole saw. You need to know how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach. However, take heed that working on high branches could be quite hazardous.


Suggestions on How to Cut Tree Limbs That are Too High to Reach: Examine for Cracks 

Cracks are a sign that the tree isn’t able to hold your weight. In such a circumstance, you could put your hands and feet on a different limb. Or, have a person on the ground spotting you and to catch you if you fall. Otherwise, using an aerial lift could eliminate all your issues.


Rope and Harness

Climbing up the tree is the first thought that comes to your mind. The risk hinges on the structure of the limb or the type of the tree. Most of the evergreen trees are easy to climb and doesn’t entail any hazards.

The branches that are too close to be together might give you some difficulty while climbing and possibly require a professional climber. It will require a rope system and a climbing harness. After climbing the tree, you will need pruning saw or shears to perform the main exercise.

If you have to carry the pruning tool while climbing the tree, put it in a place that won’t hurt your legs and hands. You can tie it around your body.


Bucket Lift

Durham Tree Service how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach

Bucket lift

As a property owner, you can rent a bucket lift. A bucket lift could be in a trailer type that you’ll have to pull with a truck or the ones that require shipping to your doorstep.

The bucket lifts have various capabilities and come in multiple sizes. 

After putting it in the spot that you want to use, put in place the outriggers to keep it secure. You could use the pruner to reach the tree canopies that you intend to cut off. 

There are enhanced commercial self-propelling lifts that could go up to approximately 125 feet. Nonetheless, there some concerns that you should consider before choosing to work with a bucket lift.

Be sure that you can drive the vehicle to the intended area without hindrances like plants or a fence. Also, be sure that the spot where you’ll use the lift isn’t hilly.


Pole Saw

A pole saw is a cutting tool that is better for widths bigger than 11/2 inches. The curved blade of a pole saw makes the cuts towards the upper part of the limb.

The pole saw cuts by tugging it. This tool is free from pinching, making the cutting process difficult. When you see that the branch is going downwards, cut faster to stop the limb from tearing too much from the bark.


Call A Skilled Arborist

No trim job is worth your well-being and health. Calling a professional arborist, like ours at Durham Tree Service, to have the limbs cut down without creating any danger.

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