Container trees are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in properties with little or no outside space. Use these trees to frame entryways or to offer attractive focal points. They are excellent for tiny space like decks and patios. 

Choosing Pots for Your Container Trees

Trees can be planted in moveable, standard containers as well as in permanent, big planters. Containers for trees come in many shapes, styles, and colors. Planting pots should complement their surroundings as well as the trees planted in them. The container must be big enough to hold the tree. 

Therefore, consider the mature size of the tree to pick a container with enough space to accommodate both the roots and the growing tree. Also, containers have to be as wide as they are high to deliver good insulation to the roots. 

The overall weight of a container is crucial too. You must also take into consideration the weight of the additional water and soil. 

Durham Tree Service container trees

Clay pots are heftier than plastic, but are more durable in windy conditions, particularly with large trees. 

Terracotta pots provide weight for immovability but must be frost resistant. Light plastic containers are perfect if plants necessitate moving or sitting on balconies. Use more substantial, more prominent planters for trees that will be permanent fixtures. Always examine the bottoms of containers to be sure that there are enough drainage holes for extra water. 

The Right Soil for Your Container Tree 

Soil is crucial to the health of trees. The soil should sustain adequate drainage and aeration while keeping moisture inside. Good container soil keeps sufficient levels of water without getting waterlogged. Never use the soil right from the garden or outdoor area.

Regular soil might not drain well in containers and could be more susceptible to bugs, diseases, and weeds. Instead, use compost. You can find compost at nurseries, tree care businesses, or make your own. 

Maintaining a container tree is different from a tree in your yard. Since they are prone to drying out, container trees need regular watering. 

Refresh the soil every spring by taking off the topsoil and putting on fresh compost soil. Call us at Durham Tree Service if you have any questions about container trees.

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