Using a rooting hormone to reproduce plant cuttings improves the chance that the new plant will flourish. Taking a part of a plant and growing it creates a new plant the same as the parent plant. 

This method is an affordable, dependable way to propagate your favorite plants. Also, this method is the best way to grow new plants. Stem cuttings are more familiar though plants can grow from leaf cuttings and root cuttings.

Rooting Hormone: Which Cuttings to Use

A rooting hormone works on a host of cuttings like leaves, new growth, and woody stems from raising the chances of victory with propagation significantly. If the plant is a blooming plant, postpone until the blooms fade before taking the cutting. Durham Tree Service Using Rooting Hormone

Rooting new plants from parents necessitates patience. The cuttings are delicate before the root system grows. Keep the planting medium damp but not wet and provide light but no direct sun.

Using Rooting Hormone on a Stem Cutting

Take off a healthy, fresh stem cutting from a parent plant using shears or a clean knife. Use only cuttings from healthy plants, making sure the growing tip is somewhere between 3 inches to 8 inches long. The cut must be near the node, which is a little swollen knob on the stem. Get rid of any flowers or leaves from the node area. Dampen the bottom part of the cutting, allowing the rooting hormone to stick to it.

Pour a tiny amount of rooting hormone out of the container and dip the bottom part of the cutting in the rooting powder. Never submerge the cutting right into the rooting hormone container. Shake the excess powder off by gently tapping the cutting against the rim.

Plant the cutting in a soilless potting medium. Put a hole in the potting medium with a pencil. Be sure the planting hole is big enough that the rooting hormone doesn’t come off as you place the cutting into the soil.

Press down the soil around the cutting to eliminate any air pockets. Add water and make sure the cutting remains at a temperature of 60 F or higher. Don’t put the plant in direct sunlight.

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