Soon after planting fruit trees, most people end up with raggedy overgrown bushes instead of the lovely garden they envisioned. Knowing how to prune fruit trees is what keeps them productive and gorgeous. 

The Importance of Understanding How to Prune Fruit Trees

Pruning is meticulous, but not brain surgery. There is a simple process that works for the majority of fruit trees.

Though summer pruning won’t hurt your trees, winter makes things simpler. Without the tree’s foliage, you can see what you are doing.

Thinning Out

The goal of thinning is to let air and light into the canopy, diminishing disease and pest and boosting fruit production. Thinning entails removing any limbs that grow downward or cross paths with another limb. The objective is to have perfectly spaced limbs spreading out in a lovely pattern from the center. 

Your Fruit Tree Needs a HaircutDurham Tree Service Prune Fruit Trees

You basically need to give your fruit tree a haircut.

The aim is to prune back the outer part of the tree, so the limbs get thicker and shorter as they thrive. Making the limbs this size stops them from breaking under the weight of the fruit. 

Pruning your tree signifies you will be taking off over 25% of recent growth. 

Heading back the tree means cutting off 20 to 30 percent of last year’s growth. This concept could be around two to four inches back from the tips of every branch. Prune every limb back to a spot over a bud that goes where you want that branch to grow in the upcoming year. 

Pruning Tips

Sharp shears create smooth, clean cuts. If you don’t know how to sharpen your pruners, many tree care businesses provide the service. 

You must clean your pruners and any other tools after every task. You could use isopropyl alcohol or warm water and dishwashing liquid. 

Also, be sure to clean up any trimmed wood from around the tree. Pick up all the pruned wood from around the tree and throw all of it away. You especially want to do this quickly if the wood is rotten or diseased. 

If you need help pruning your fruit trees, contact us at Durham Tree Service.

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