Epsom salts are used in home foot baths. However, this handy product has lots of uses beyond a good foot soak for tired, achy feet. So, how to remove a tree stump with epsom salt?

For some time, it works as a soil conditioner. In larger doses, Epsom salt possesses the capability to rid you of annoying tree stumps. By mixing Epsom salts with water, you can exterminate an obstinate tree stump that keeps growing well beyond its welcome.

What Else to Know About How to Remove a Tree Stump with Epsom Salt

Tree stumps can keep growing well after chopping down a tree. Roots cling to life, attempting to seek out nutrition sources to help in re-growing. It is normal to see saplings shoot out of stumps and roots, usually in clusters, trying to find resources to nourish the roots. 

This group of saplings can turn into a hazardous group of large trees if not eliminated. You don’t have to use an ax or spend lots of money—an Epsom salt mixture aids in killing and rotting the tree. The solution makes it simpler to break apart and permanently eradicate the tree. 

Garden CuresDurham Tree Service Remove A Tree Stump With Epsom Salt

Epsom salt usage includes conditioning gardening soil. According to tree experts, Epsom salt aids in fixing a deficiency in sulfur and magnesium. It is vital to use the right amount. Too much Epsom salt can lead to tree death. Though, when it comes to an unwanted tree stump, this is a good thing.

Salt Injection

Drill holes all around the tree stump, putting two inches between each hole. Pour the Epsom salt right into the holes, filling each one. Water the holes slowly to make sure that the salt doesn’t come out. It should be wet, but not drenched. Put a tarp over the stump to keep the rain off it. 

Another Idea

If you don’t want to deal with drilling holes, try an Epsom salt solution to water the stump. In a bucket, mix around one gallon of Epsom salt with two gallons of water. The more Epsom salt in the solution, the more powerful the solution is. 

Apply the solution all over the stump and the roots. Put a tarp over the stump. Repeat this process every seven days until the stump dries out. If you would prefer a professional to perform tree stump removal service, contact Durham Tree Service.

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