Many homeowners know about termite infestations in the wooden structures like attics, wood frames behind drywall, floors, and support beams. But did you know termites in trees can also be a severe issue, mainly if termites make their way from trees into your house? 


Termites in Trees

Two main termite types can create problems for people’s homes: drywood and subterranean.

True to their name, drywood termites don’t need a lot of moisture to survive. So, they thrive within the dry wood in attic spaces and hardwood floors of a home. While still an unwanted housemate, this type of termite tends to live in tiny colonies and create way less harm than subterranean termites. Also, drywood termites can take up residence in dead trees or other wood areas in your landscape.

On the other hand, subterranean termites live in huge colonies that number in the millions. These pests create extensive damage as they eat their way through a fence, garage, house, or other structure. People spend more than $1 billion every year on repairs and control measures because of the damage made by subterranean termites. 

Durham Tree Service evidence of termites in tree

Evidence of termites

Signs of Termites in Trees

One of the actual signs that you may have termites living in your trees is if you see termite holes. These are tiny holes where the insects have gotten into the wood of the tree’s limbs or trunk. You may also be able to see wood shavings at the locations of the holes. 

If You Think You Might Have Termites in Your Trees

If you detect any threats that may imply an invasion of termites in your trees, it’s time to contact an experienced termite professional. Time is crucial. Termites in trees is a huge problem, so the sooner you get your termite infestation under control, the less risk there is of destruction to your garage, house, or other areas of your property.

Preventing Termites 

Regular tree care is vital to prevent termites. Always have decaying or dead stumps, limbs, and trees removed from your landscape immediately. Also, yearly termite inspections are a smart idea, particularly if you’ve had termite infestations in the past. 

If you believe you could have a termite infestation in your trees, give us a call at Durham Tree Service and schedule tree and termite inspections.

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