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Durham Home Lightning Protection System

When you need a lightning protection system for your building, hire our contractors. Durham Tree protects homes and businesses throughout Durham, NC.

Durham Home Lightning Protection System

Lightning Protection System Installation in Durham, North Carolina


Homes without a lightning protection system installed are at risk. Whenever there’s a severe storm blowing through Durham, NC, your property could be in danger.

Researchers estimate that our communities see over two thousand lightning strikes every year. Sooner or later, a storm will find your property and could cause plenty of damage. 

The best way to minimize your risk is to hire Durham Tree Service. We offer affordable and long-lasting lightning protection systems for any type of property.

Whether you need to defend your home, your business, or other structures, call us. We guarantee a safe and reliable way to keep your property safer throughout every season.

The Best Lightning Protection System Services Durham, NC


Lightning is devastating because of the sheer amount of electricity and heat it generates. These bolts burn so brightly that the air gets hotter than the sun.  Combined with a dry, wooden object, such as a tree, and the results aren’t good. Some trees will even explode from the force of the lightning.

Our system utilizes a complex network of steel cables and lightning rods to redirect electricity. Electricity will travel quickly, so the surge soon loses its energy.  Even a direct hit to your home or office can cause a lot of damage. Keep your property safer all year with our reliable lighting protection system.

How Do Lightning Protection Systems Operate?


Unfortunately, even the best prevention methods can’t stop lightning from striking. However, you can minimize the risk when it does hit your buildings or yard.

The goal is to not only direct electricity away but to ground it quickly. Doing so prevents the surge from continuing to put your buildings and electronics at risk.

Some cities will create taller towers to direct lightning strikes to it rather than skyscrapers. For homes and smaller buildings, you need our experienced contractors.

We work with you to determine what setup will offer the most protection possible. Preserve your home and keep your family safe from lightning strikes today.

best lightnight protection systems durham NC

Who Needs Lightning Rods and Protection Systems Installed?


Few buildings, if any, have legal requirements for having lightning protection systems installed. That said, many owners find them necessary to prevent expensive repairs.  

Lightning hits fast, hard, and can generate thousands of amps of power. Researchers estimate that each bolt travels at about a third of the speed of light.  That means any object or person unlucky enough to get hit will certainly feel it. Some buildings also tend to attract lightning more than others, making protection a top priority.

If you find yourself concerned about lightning strikes, you need us to secure your home. Prevent devastating impacts and destroyed buildings with our storm safety installations.

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Why Hire Us for Your Lightning Protection Needs?


Lightning is among the most common weather phenomena our planet sees. Across the world, lightning flashes over three million times every day, 44 strikes per second.

While the odds of getting hit by lightning is low, it’s not impossible. Our state is rated third for annual lightning fatalities, making these systems an ideal investment.

From downtown businesses to residential homes, they can all benefit from our installations. No matter who needs to have better protection from storms, you can count on us.

Our contractors install lightning protection systems throughout the city every day. Keep your property free from storm damage with our reliable installation services.

The Best Lightning Protection Systems in Durham, NC


You don’t have to hire an expensive electrician or specialty trade to protect your home. Choose our experienced contractors for the best results possible.  Lightning isn’t a threat you can take lightly, and it can happen at any time. We provide a tried and trusted approach to minimizing your risks.  When you can’t leave your home to chance, call us for installations. Durham Tree provides superior storm protection solutions.

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