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Durham Tree Planting Service

Durham Tree provides affordable tree planting service with experienced local contractors. We install trees in Durham, North Carolina, at low costs.

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Tree Planting Service Near Me in Durham, North Carolina


While some homeowners install landscaping themselves, a tree planting service prevents mistakes from happening. Trees can be quite fragile while planting or transplanting them, so having a professional Durham, NC, contractor is your best bet.

A new tree needs more than a hole in the ground to put it in. You need to consider moisture, temperature, the time of the year, and the soil composition.

Durham Tree takes the stress out of having new trees installed in your yard. As your trusted local name in tree care solutions, we always plant your trees quickly and properly.

We install native and certain non-native species wherever they will thrive best. Learn about your tree planting options today with our affordable installation contractors.

The Best Tree Planting Service in Durham, NC


Planting trees is something you don’t want to do incorrectly. Otherwise, it quickly leaves the plant withered from any number of items.  Root depth, soil type, soil acidity, ground temperature, and tree size all play a role. Missing any of these considerations among others means setting trees up for failure.

Our tree care contractors always offer reliable planting solutions at affordable pricing. Improve your outdoor areas today with our many installation services, such as:

  • New Tree Planting
  • Tree Transplanting
  • Drought-Tolerant Trees
  • Privacy Tree Planting
  • Wind Mitigation Trees
  • Small Yard Trees
  • Dwarf Tree Planting
  • Residential Tree Planting
  • Commercial Tree Planting

There’s no reason to risk your new plants when you have us. Hire us now and help your new lawn additions reach maturity.

Why Planting the Right Trees Matters


Trees offer more than something nice to look at while sipping coffee. Some can even drastically change the indoor temperature of your home.

Other tree types won’t last long if they’re installed in your yard for many reasons. Finding the best ones for your property adds tons of value and beauty.

Many shrubs and hedges are technically in the tree family, and can help things such as improved privacy. No matter your reason for wanting new trees, you can count on us.

Out of all the additions you can have, installing trees is one of the most practical. Get the most from your purchase and choose us for professional planting services.

tree planting service durham nc

How Do I Pick a New Tree For My Yard?


Many homeowners treat tree selection as though they were buying a car. They pick large, expensive plants that have already matured, thinking it will grow faster.  However, with older trees, they lose some of their roots when they’re transplanted. Even though they are bound with a protective layer of burlap, they are still already stressed.

Younger trees still have their entire root system intact and growing. Finding one with a straight trunk is also important as bent ones lead to leaning issues.  Finally, a healthy root system is one that grows in a circular “ball” pattern. Reduce your risk of buyer’s remorse and hire us for new installations.

affordable tree planting service durham nc

Why Hire Us for Tree Planting Service?


When it’s time to install new trees, it’s best to leave it to the experts. Too much is at stake when you aren’t sure what to do.

Most trees need to be planted during spring or summer, or else they risk freezing. When they exert too much energy trying to stay warm, they can’t grow taller.

We manage every step of your job, from choosing plants to installing them. We ensure your new yard additions take off with little effort.

Plus, we offer a range of maintenance solutions to keep them healthier all year long. Whatever your trees need most, our contractors provide it all at affordable pricing.

The Best Tree Planting Service Near Me in Durham, NC


When your property needs a new tree or two, let us handle the hard work. We only use professional arborist tools and equipment to guarantee the best results possible.  From native species to exotic plants, we manage a variety of trees, saplings, and transplants. Hire us at Durham Tree today for affordable new tree planting for any outdoor area.

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