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Looking for a tree service Pittsboro NC? Our arborists are authorities in tree care. We are all about the security and health of your trees.

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What Do You Get When You Hire Our Tree Service Pittsboro NC?

If you walk around Pittsboro parks, you’ll notice that the trees all look healthy and sturdy. If you want healthy and sturdy trees in your yard, come to us.

Durham Tree Service is the one to call for professional tree knowledge. Our certified arborists have more than just expertise in the field. To earn their certification, they have to demonstrate knowledge in both the science and art of tree biology. They then confirm this proficiency by passing the exams needed to become certified.

As a customer, you get the benefit of that experience and education when it comes to preserving and protecting your Pittsboro trees. Our ree service Pittsboro NC crew has years of experience studying trees that are well-known in Pittsboro, detecting pests and threats as well as understanding what it takes to not only keep these trees healthy but to shield the safety of those around the trees.

An inexperienced tree contractor might plant a tree in the wrong location, in the incorrect light conditions or soil, or trim it too much. Any of these errors can easily harm or kill a tree.

Our arborists, on the other hand, are schooled to follow the care and pruning standards, have liability insurance and understand the significance of correct safety procedures.  Keep your tree healthy, protected, and beautiful with our help!

Certified Tree Specialists in Pittsboro

Everyone wants their property to have aesthetic appeal, and nothing on earth can make the area surrounding your property quite as stunning as gorgeously-maintained trees.

At Durham Tree Service, we help businesses and homeowners throughout Pittsboro preserve and maintain their trees, making their homes and businesses not only have the best landscape on the block but also safeguarding their trees from pests and stopping fallen limbs from threatening their homes or other structures.

Professional Tree Care for Your Trees

A well-trimmed tree looks fantastic in your yard. An untrimmed tree, however, can not only be an eyesore but a safety risk, too. Don’t go another day with uneven, unkempt trees in your outdoor area. Contact out tree service Pittsboro NC for evenly, neatly trimmed trees!

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