Tree wounds are normal. The causes can be animal damage, fire, broken limbs, and insect attacks. Wounds typically snap the bark, destroying the water and food conducting tissues. It is critical to understand how to handle a tree wound repair.

Decay can result in structurally deteriorated tree stems and can diminish the life of a tree. There is no cure for decay. However, the right tree care limits the advancement of decay in a damaged tree. 

However, proper tree care can limit the progress of decay in an injured tree. Below is some information about tree responses to wounding and what you can do after wounding so the tree remains healthy. 


Managing Tree Wound Repairs 

You mustn’t let tree wounds go unrepaired. Call a tree care company for a tree inspection if you believe your tree has an injury. 

Trees respond to injuries in a couple of ways: the creation of a barrier and compartmentalization. 

Durham Tree Service caring for tree wound repair

Tree covering the wound by forming a scab


When a tree is injured, the damaged tissue doesn’t repair itself. Trees seal up. If you examine an old wound, you will see that it does not heal. Instead, the tree covers the opening by forming a callus (scab) around the edges of the wound. 

After wounding, fresh wood growing around the wound forms a safety border stopping the infection from getting into the new tissue. Then, the tree reacts to the injury by isolating (compartmentalizing) the old tissue with the steady growth of healthy, new tissue.

Barrier Zones

Trees attempt to close the injured tissue from the outside. Also, they make the remaining wood surrounding the wound inapt for spread decayed organisms. Though these methods are not understood, the tree tries to avoid more harm by setting physical and chemical boundaries around the diseased cells, responding to the pathogen, and containing the damage.

If the tree is effective and quick with its procedures, the disease stays contained and does not expand. However, if the boundary-setting tactics are not productive, the infection will increase. Many active or vigorously flourishing trees are somewhat successful in dealing with decay-spreading mechanisms. 

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