When it comes to pruning trees in winter, some tree care companies don’t work during the cold months. But the major of tree care businesses do. These pros understand the importance of pruning trees in the wintertime

In reality, some crucial pruning work is performed only in the winter, including pruning fruit trees to increase fruit creation. Trees go dormancy in the wintertime. Pruning during dormancy has numerous benefits. 


Easier to Evaluate Trees in Winter

After the leaves have fallen in autumn, it’s easier to see the tree structure. Now, a certified arborist can see hazardous, dead limbs. The condition of these branches determines whether or not pruning is necessary to keep your trees secure and looking fabulous.


Prevents Transmitting DiseasesDurham Tree Service Trim Trees In Winter

Winter pruning helps to stop the spread of some deadly diseases (oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, and fire blight) that are active and spread quickly during the spring and summer. During the cold season, the insects, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that carry diseases are dead. So, infections are less likely to be transported by pruning.


Less Stress on Trees

Winter pruning doesn’t fuel new growth that can be killed by cold weather, marring, and wounding the tree. Also, studies show that pruning before spring allows the tree to heal from the cuts before warm weather brings out harmful insects.


Halts Winter Damage

Damaged trees can be hazardous in winter, especially when there is a great deal of snow and ice on the ground. Pruning in the cold weather makes your trees safer as well as revitalize weaker trees by getting rid of diseased and deadwood. 


Spring and Summer Pruning

While winter is an excellent time to prune, that doesn’t mean that pruning during the warmer months isn’t good for your trees. Spring and summer pruning provide different benefits, performed for various reasons, like:

  • Improve air circulation
  • Open up the tree to let in more sunshine 
  • Prune trees that grow too big 

Talk with one of our arborists at Durham Tree about a personalized pruning plan based on the current needs of your landscape. Over time, correct pruning improves the health of your trees.

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