When you call a tree service to talk stump removal service, the tree company may suggest stump grinding. Stump grinding lets your tree company do an effective and safe tree stump removal. Afterward, you can use the space where the tree once was for another purpose. 

Stump removal is a budget-friendly way to eliminate an eyesore. Tree stumps are ugly in your landscape, diminishing property value or scaring off possible home buyers—curb appeal matters.

Regardless if you have a big or small outdoor space, you want to take advantage of every centimeter. You can use that stump space to create a garden, put in a fire pit, or plant a new tree. 

Here is some information on stump grinding.

The Stump Grinding Procedure

Your tree company uses a top-quality stump grinder to get rid of the whole tree stump. A professional-grade grinder is a massive piece of equipment that must only be controlled by an experienced, skilled tree professional. The machine works thanks to a petrol engine and possesses a steel cutting wheel and a hydraulically controlled arm. The cutting wheel is at the base of the arm and has sharp steel teeth. 

Durham Tree Service Why use Stump Grinding

Why Choose Grinding

Stump grinding is the most effective type of stump removal. When you choose grinding, you can be sure that the whole tree stump will be gone, thus removing the safety and hazards of an exposed stump. 

Also, grinding guarantees that ants, snakes, termites, bees, and other pests don’t have a home in which to nest. Also, choosing grinding instead of removal puts less stress on your landscape.

Difference Between Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

Your tree company may give you more than one choice for tree stump removal. Some homeowners decide to let the tree stump rot and break down naturally. However, this process is incomplete and long. Also, a tree service can dig the tree stump out of the ground. Though, this results in a big hole in your outdoor space that needs filling. 

Grinding does not make a hole. You can use the grindings from the stump as mulch around your landscape. 

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