Novice gardeners always ask, “Potting soil vs. garden soil. What’s the difference?” Hopefully, the information below provides some clarification. 

Potting Soil vs. Garden Soil: What is Garden Soil?

Garden soil is a bagged product sold in garden shops that possesses equal parts of premixed soil products. This premixed soil is put in the soil in the garden to enhance the topsoil with the proper nutrients.

Don’t mistake topsoil for garden soils. The two aren’t the same. Topsoil comes from the first two feet of the earth while garden soils come in mixes. Companies screen and refine topsoil to get rid of heavy stones and big particles before selling them in bulk.Durham Tree Service Difference potting soil vs garden soil

Based on the area where you get topsoil, it might have slits, sand, or clay that may not be right for planting. Because of this, gardeners and businesses who specialize in garden products develop a mix of topsoil with other materials and nutrients for gardening. It is this mix of things with topsoil that is called garden soil.

Potting Soil

Potting soil is a product used to grow herbs, plants, and vegetables. These soils are for using indoors in plant containers.

Well-known products used for potting soils include mushroom compost, vermiculite, and a lot of others in differing proportions for supreme yield.

Differences Between Potting Soil and Gardening Soil 

There are several differences between garden soil and potting soil. For one, a vast range of salt, acidity, and fertility is present in garden soils. Potting soils are more for a specific plant’s need.

Garden soils are a living medium. These soils are a conducive environment for various microbes, such as fungi and bacteria. 

Potting soils are better at keeping water, staying moist for long periods. For outdoor plants, use garden soils since they drain water quickly. Regarding textures, potting soils are less dense than garden soils. Potting soils are light and typically less troublesome. Also, potting soils are more costly to buy. 

Wrap Up

Gardening and potting soils differ in several traits. The key is to use garden soils for flower beds and outdoor gardens. Use potting soil for potted plants. If you have questions about potting soil or garden soil, ask us at Durham Tree Service.

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