Don’t be scared to prune your roses. Pruning fuels growth, creating more blooms and a healthier plant. Regardless of the rose type, the basic rules of rose pruning are the same. However, when to prune roses and the amount to remove are somewhat different, depending on the type. Here’s some information about pruning roses.


Materials: When to Prune Roses

  • GlovesDurham Tree Service When Do You Prune Roses
  • Pruning saw 
  • Watering can
  • Hand pruners 
  • Loppers 

Why It’s Crucial to Prune Roses

Here are some reasons to prune roses:

  • Remove diseased and dying branches 
  • Encourage blooming and revitalize the plant 
  • Control shape and size
  • Boost airflow through the plant

Rose Pruning Basics

Whether you’re pruning roses to shape the shrub or improve airflow, you must cut in the same direction. With a pruning saw, loppers, or sharp hand pruners, slice the limb at the back on an angle. An angled cut lets water drain off, instead of amassing in the cut end of the stem. Unless you’re chopping down a limb, cut back to a leaf. Be sure to wear gardening rose gloves and long sleeves. 

When to Prune Roses

At any time, you should prune to remove diseased or dying growth. Though, you should avoid doing any significant pruning from early winter to late summer. Climbing roses are a distinct group often pruned incorrectly. For all climbing roses, take off rubbing or crossing limbs. Also, clean up long branches. 

Prune to Remove Dead and Diseased Growth

Remove dead, diseased, or old wood by chopping the affected branches down to the plant’s bottom. You can tell the limb is dead because it is a different color from the living branches. The solution is to take the diseased or damaged or diseased part out so that pests don’t make a home in your dead limbs.

Prune to Revive Growth

Some shrubs gain from “renewal pruning.” This method entails eliminating part of the plant’s growth every year. New growth will surface and bloom plentifully. Next spring take off another part of the oldest growth from all through the plant. Reach out to our tree professionals at Durham Tree if you need help with your rose pruning project.

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