Sometimes a cherished tree uproots without notice. Though most often, your tree shows distress signals before it tumbles. A visible sign is a leaning tree. The question then is whether or not you should remove it from your outdoor space.

Is My Leaning Tree Going to Topple?

A mature tree accounts for about 10% of your taxed property value, according to your market. With that much at stake, you don’t want to have a tree falling unexpectedly.

Here’s some information on how to tell if one of your trees is in jeopardy of falling over. There are some things you can do about it. 

Inspecting Your TreesDurham Tree Service Leaning Tree

No one knows your trees better than you. After a big storm, take a walk around and check your tree from top to bottom. Look for any changes in limbs, trunk, root, and bark. Examine every side of the tree from a distance and up close. 

Check for peeling bark or cuts. Use binoculars to look at the tree’s canopy for brown leaves and dead wood.

A typical reason tree develops a lean is due to heavy rains and strong winds. The ideal combination for a tree to lean or fall over is with long spells of rain that soften the earth, followed by severe winds that easily collapse the tree. 

However, there are times when a tree grows lopsided for no apparent reason with too much weight on one side. A good example is the Eucalyptus nicholii. 

Saving a Leaning Tree

Most of the time, you can save a leaning tree. Keeping the tree does not mean you can make the tree straight. Though, it does mean it can be pruned in a way to eliminate the right amount of weight from one side. This technique makes the tree safer to stay in your outdoor space. 

You can always contact your local tree care company to schedule a tree inspection. You can find out from a professional whether or not your tree can be saved or needs tree removal work.

Straightening a Leaning Tree

Based on the tree’s size, a leaning tree can be right. For littler trees that still have not grown to their full potential, you can brace or stake a tree, letting it take better root. Contact us at Durham Tree Service to get a comprehensive tree inspection by a certified arborist.

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