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When it’s time for winter wood splitting, you need us at Durham Tree. We offer affordable solutions throughout Durham, NC, for any nearby woodpiles.

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Wood Splitting Services in Durham, North Carolina


When the colder weather sets in, you need wood splitting services to help keep you warm. However, locating a professional in Durham, NC, to assist you can be surprisingly challenging.

Some contractors charge a fortune for simple wood splitting needs. Others only sell firewood precut at a higher cost.

Durham Tree offers affordable wood splitting services whenever you need it most. We take any selection of logs and limbs and create cords that burn evenly.

Cutting wood into burnable planks takes a lot of time and effort. Leave the hard work to our tree care contractors and enjoy fresh firewood all winter.

The Best Wood Splitting Service in Durham, NC


Most people think they have to swing super hard with an ax to split wood. What’s more important is where you strike, not how much force.  Either way, hours of splitting logs leave you exhausted and with a few hand blisters. Instead, you can count on us for fast, convenient, and affordable wood splitting services.

When you have a mound of spare wood taking up your yard, hire us. We offer a variety of ways of repurposing your wood piles, such as:

  • Firewood Splitting
  • Wood Mulching
  • Discarded Wood
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Yard Cleaning
  • Wood Removal
  • Cooking Fuel

Whatever option suits you best, you can count on us every time. Eliminate your crowded woodpiles now with our expert Durham, NC, contractors.

Why Hire Us For Wood Splitting Service?


The first concern you should have with wood splitting is your safety. When you only cut wood once in a while, you can easily strain your back or muscles.

Not only is it tough on your joints, but flecks of wood fly everywhere. Without protective eyewear and equipment, you can become injured.

Even electric wood splitting machines still take time and effort to operate. Plus, there are dozens of different makes and models, making the decision confusing.

You can hire us to repurpose any unused stack of wood lying around. Before you break an ax or your back, call our contractors for professional wood splitting.

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Why Homeowners Shouldn’t Store Raw Wood


It’s a common practice for Durham residents to keep stacks of wood for winter. However, it’s also an increasingly risky practice, especially as the seasons change. Stacking wood in your yard attracts all types of wildlife and pests. Everything from snakes and spiders to termites and rodents can take up residence within it.

Stacking wood against a shed or garage, as many homeowners do, also increases your risk of fire. Should they become too dry, they can help a blaze spread quickly.  When you find yourself with cords of raw wood, contact us for splitting service. Hire us and keep your wood storage needs simple throughout the year.

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How Can I Use Split Wood?


While not all homeowners collect raw wood, some find it practical for many uses. From cooking to woodworking hobbies, there are plenty of reasons why.

One way to keep your split wood uniform is to hire our contractors. That way, whatever projects you have in mind, they all perform similarly.

Whether you will burn your wood or use it another way, you have many choices. Some of the main ways we see homeowners repurpose raw lumber include:

  • Fireplace Wood
  • Wood Ovens
  • Wood-Burning Grills
  • Outdoor Firepits
  • Larger Bonfires
  • Construction Shims
  • Wood Chips and Mulching
  • Natural Wood Fencing
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Whittling and Woodworking

When you have piles of wood on your property, we can give it a new life. Contact us now for professional wood splitting service throughout the community.

The Best Wood Splitting Service Near Me


Chances are, the consumer-grade hatchet you bought years ago has never been sharpened. A blunt edge not only makes chopping wood take longer but wears you out faster.  We offer a better solution no matter how dense your raw lumber piles are. Hire us at Durham Tree today for affordable wood splitting service contractors.

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